Helping You Help Your Elderly Loved Ones

We All Need A Champion

As your parents get older, there are many issues that will need to be addressed. You and your family may not feel comfortable talking about these issues, and that is only natural, but these issues cannot be ignored. An experienced elder law attorney can guide you and your family through these often difficult conversations.

Naturally, you equate lawyers with legal matters. When it comes to elder law though, there is much more than the legal that needs to be addressed. There are many overlapping and interlocking issues that can be hard to separate. At the law firm of Kenneth R. Stuckey, P.C., in Mason, Michigan, you will find a lawyer who takes a comprehensive approach to these issues.

Talk About The Problems, Not Just The Law

The first meeting will start with attorney Stuckey opening the floor to you. Perhaps there has been an elephant in the room for your family and it is time to talk about it. Perhaps it is time to ask the tough questions about your elderly loved one's future:

  • "How are we going to pay for mom or dad's medical care?"
  • "When are we going to move mom or dad into an assisted living facility or a nursing home?"
  • "How are we going to make sure mom or dad's assets are not eaten up in the process?"

In an open discussion, you will be able to talk about the problems and your concerns. There is going to be a lot to talk about, and that is okay. It is going to be emotional, and that is okay too. Attorney Stuckey will listen, counsel you about your options and guide you toward solutions. Solutions may involve elements of estate planning, Medicare and Medicaid planning, nursing home planning, end-of-life planning and more.

Of course, knowledge of the law is critical too. There are relatively few lawyers that take the time to keep up with the complex and changing federal and state rules and regulations in this area of the law. The few that do can be expensive. Attorney Breugel is well-known for staying current with the ever-changing legal landscape and doing work at a rate acceptable to the client.

Carrying On A Tradition Of Personal Care

Attorney Stuckey's grandfather was the first doctor in East Lansing. Back in 1902, he earned a reputation for care, for being there for his patients. He worked hard. He made house calls. He would stay all night at a patient's house if he had to. He held each patient's hand and was there when he was needed, doing everything he could to make their lives better.

Attorney Stuckey proudly follows in his grandfather's footsteps. In a profession where rushed office visits and hurried phone calls are the norm, he spends time with people. It is a method so old it seems new, and people are often surprised that he is not only willing to travel to homes and hospices and anywhere else he is needed, but that he spends time talking to people — not lecturing, but actually conversing. Elder law matters are not mathematical equations. They are not about crunching numbers. They are about life itself, and making the most of a person's final years while preserving the assets that person worked so hard for. Attorney Stuckey believes that only 100 percent of his care and attention will do.

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