A Mason-Based Lawyer Known For Honesty, Integrity And Fairness

An Experienced Ally Devoted To Your Needs And Goals

Everyone needs an ally in life — someone in your corner to lift you up and walk beside you when the going gets tough.

Fundamentally, a lawyer’s job is to do just that. Your lawyer should be your counselor, helper and warrior. Your lawyer should be your foremost advocate and a tireless champion for your cause.

Passionate advocacy is at the heart of Kenneth R. Stuckey, P.C., a law firm in Mason, Michigan. Attorney Kenneth Stuckey left a successful 35-year career in corporate law to start a small-town practice where he could make a meaningful difference in the lives of others. He can help you with almost any legal issue you are facing, including estate planning, elder law, family law, business law, civil litigation and certain types of criminal defense.

What clients have to say:

  • “Excellent attorney with true integrity!”
  • “A lawyer I would work with again and again.”
  • “Kenneth is easy to talk to, and he listens.”
  • “Honest and caring.”
  • “I would recommend Kenneth with no reservations.”

Nothing is more rewarding to me than helping people through desperate situations. I love seeing clients succeed.

Kenneth R. Stuckey

Legal Advocacy Rooted In Your Priorities

In many ways, lawyers are like doctors. The wrong doctor adds stress, confusion and complications to an already painful predicament. A good doctor, by contrast, infuses the crisis with a breath of fresh air, providing honest explanations and compassionate guidance.

So, too, an attorney has the potential to bring light and hope to your situation — or to foul it up further.

You’ll find a refreshing approach to lawyering at Kenneth’s practice. His philosophy is simple: He considers it a privilege to counsel clients through important legal issues.

He embodies fairness and integrity in all he does — even down to his client-centered approach to billing.

From the moment you first speak with Kenneth, you will know he cares. Attorney Stuckey pools resources with the respected attorneys at Noud & Noud, PLC. As an integrated practice with over 100 years of combined experience, the legal team is well-equipped to offer solutions for virtually any legal problem you are facing.

Your Story Matters.

When you’re staring head-on at a potentially life-altering legal issue, what are you most concerned about? Certainly not the abstract nuances of the vast legal landscape. You want to know how the law will impact you and your loved ones, in this moment and the years to come.

This human, flesh-and-blood impact lies at the heart of every legal problem. Attorney Stuckey understands this critical truth. He brings the warmth of human touch to the otherwise cold and sterile practice of law. For as long as you are his client, and even beyond the conclusion of your immediate issue, you can count on Kenneth as your go-to legal resource.

Share Your Concerns.

The first step toward tackling any legal problem is to talk it over with a trusted professional. Discuss your legal worries with attorney Kenneth Stuckey. Call 573-400-6469 or send an email to get started.