Mason Attorney With Well-Rounded Experience

We All Need A Champion

The law affects so many aspects of life. From ending a marriage to conducting business transactions to planning a legacy for your loved ones, the law sets the framework for countless milestones. Anticipating your legal needs — and seeking professional guidance in advance — goes a long way toward avoiding complications down the road.

A Human Approach To The Law: Making Your Goals A Reality

Your lawyer should be your foremost advocate, ally and adviser.

In Mason, Michigan, lawyer Kenneth R. Stuckey has built his practice on a commitment to helping people through life's legal challenges. His background as a former corporate attorney — and more than 35 years of experience handling a broad range of legal issues — gives him the well-rounded insight necessary for navigating tough situations. He not only rises to the challenge, but consistently exceeds expectations in delivering legal services of uncompromising quality.

Attorney Stuckey's wealth of experience gives him the ability to handle the legal issues that everyday people face, such as:

  • Family law, including divorce, more info here, child custody disputes and grandparents' rights
  • Business law, including formation, transactions and disputes
  • Agriculture law, including real estate matters, taxation and deeds
  • Elder law, including estate planning, trust administration and probate
  • Limited criminal defense, including DUIs and juvenile defense
  • General civil litigation for individuals and businesses

As a professional, attorney Kenneth Stuckey understands not only the law behind these issues, but also the human elements at their core. He infuses the practice of law with passion, integrity and tenacity. Clients remark that Kenneth is like a beam of light, dispelling the fog and bringing clarity to cloudy situations. His goal is to make your goals a reality.

"Kenneth has been a trusted counsel over the period of the last two years. His wise guidance helped me make the right decisions." — Former client

Take advantage of confidential consultation by calling Kenneth R. Stuckey, P.C., at 573-400-6469. You can also submit a request online. He serves clients around the country.