Mason-Area Business And Commercial Law Attorney With 35-Plus Years Of Experience

We All Need A Champion

Running a business requires dedication, diligence and passion. As a business owner, you want these same traits in your lawyer. The person you entrust with your business's legal needs should be just as dedicated as you are.

Attorney Kenneth R. Stuckey in Mason, Michigan, fits that description. As a passionate advocate, he breaks the mold of what most people envision when they think of business lawyers. His approach to business law is far from lukewarm. He shoulders the legal concerns of business clients as his own, investing the time and attention to serve as not just an adviser, but also an invaluable ally.

"[Kenneth] is caring and ensures his clients understand the process and the steps involved." — Judy, a business client

"Kenneth was very responsive to my needs and gave me sound advice based on law and facts." — Jeff, business client

Addressing Your Business Needs

Legal issues impact businesses at all stages of their life cycle, from the initial business formation to ongoing operations to dissolution. Attorney Stuckey addresses these concerns with an unshakeable foundation of legal knowledge and experience.

Before establishing his own practice, lawyer Kenneth Stuckey had an accomplished career as a corporate attorney. His 35-plus years in the business and commercial law field make him well-equipped to handle a broad range of legal issues, from ongoing transactions to pressing disputes that require out-of-court resolution or litigation. He has the analytical skills, persuasive abilities and technical proficiency to face these challenges with confidence.

Kenneth's clients range from sole proprietorships to partnerships to LLCs. Businesses from across the nation come to him for guidance; they know of his reputation for honesty, integrity and fairness.

One Simple Mission: To Help Businesses Grow And Thrive

Kenneth offers more cost-effective guidance than larger firms — but with the same prestigious level of skill. His mission is simple: to help businesses succeed. Kenneth's reasonable approach to billing gives clients access to high-caliber legal services, regardless of their financial constraints.

To learn more about his services, get in touch with the law firm of Kenneth R. Stuckey, P.C., at 573-400-6469.