We All Need A Champion

"The best thing is that Kenneth is very easy to talk to and he LISTENS. On the day we went before the judge I felt ready and relaxed. Events went very well and I felt comfortable with him at my side."
-Mary Ann Vargas

"Kenneth was able to resolve within 6 months a contentious 2.5 year estate litigation with, in my opinion, the minimum level of force/cost/pain required on the part of all involved parties. This followed on 2 yrs of litigation/representation without resolution by a prior attorney. Having worked with Kenneth prior to court hearings and sat with him in the courtroom on this case, I cannot recommend him highly enough. His personal involvement in the case and attention to detail were decisive. A+."
-Marc Champagne

"I recently had the pleasure of working with Kenneth Stuckey and was very happy with the experience. I know, I know; you don't often associate pleasurable experiences with lawyers so bear with me on this. Kenneth proved efficient, helpful and incredibly sensitive in a major transaction I needed to complete in a short timeframe. He accommodated everyone involved by offering to make a home visit.

Yes, you read that right. He's a lawyer willing to make house calls. Kenneth has a beautiful way of taking a complex situation and making it seem simple. He provided expert advice and helpful guidance that was of great assistance in my decision-making process. When I encountered a small glitch in my plans, he was able to find a way to arrive at the same result without delaying the overall transaction. " 
-Sarah Mitchell

"In the past, I had the privilege of working with Kenneth as he began rebranding his practice. I never thought I would see the day that I would need his help, though without a second question, I gladly referred his services to many of my closest friends. I am pleased to say, he was able to assist my friends as well, and they seemed to be very happy with his services. I would refer Kenneth again and again to anyone who needs legal council. His vast experience and knowledge will work together to help provide the legal council you deserve."
-Dan Olson

"When my wife and I looked around for an attorney, the name of Kenneth Stuckey kept coming up and thus we chose Kenneth to assist us with updating our will. We found Kenneth to be most congenial and helpful, guiding us toward a Trust which for us seemed to be the best choice. We certainly enjoyed our relationship with Kenneth and would highly recommend him to others. We certainly believe we have found "our" attorney."
-Lee and Pat Filker

"I stumbled upon Kenneth by chance and it was the best chance I have ever taken. He was very attentive to my feelings and to the case. He returned phone calls and emails always the same day if not within the hour. He was knowledgeable and well informed. He stood up for me when I couldn't do it for myself. I am glad I hired him and would do so again if the need ever arises. A real genuine person not your typical lawyer."
-Dori L. Vogt

"As a former partner of a preeminent Michigan law firm, and also as a former Michigan Supreme Court Commissioner, I recognize and appreciate quality legal work. When my late husband was diagnosed with cancer, we knew that we had little time to put together the trust documents that we had always planned to do at some point in the future, but that we had never gotten around to. I initially proposed consulting with a law school classmate of mine, but my husband suggested Dave Stuckey, of whom I had no previous knowledge. To this day, I am not sure how he chose Dave, or who recommended him, but from our initial meeting, I felt that we were in competent hands. Dave's work product, completed only two months prior to my husband's death, validated my initial judgment. Moreover, Dave's impressive legal expertise is matched by his attention to his clients' concerns, and by his compassion. I recommend Kenneth Stuckey without reservation."
-Ruth Zimmerman

"Kenneth did a first class job with our estate planning. We were able to execute all of the documents in a timely manner. I appreciated Dave's ability to fully explain the documents and not over kill a simple situation."
-Bill Marr

"Besides being an outstanding attorney, he is one of the most outstanding, caring and intelligent humans I have ever met. He is our "go to" attorney from this point forward."
-Edward Liddle, Ph.D.

"Kenneth does a great job with follow up, being very responsive, and delivers on his promises. He is willing to work with our situation financially and respectful to our family. I highly recommend him as the best, kind and honorable attorney you really looking to hire. He was able to provide everything we asked him to do and did it with care, integrity and very high attention to details."
-Mohammed Alghurabi

"The most conscientious lawyer you will find in the Lansing area! Mr. Stuckey has been a tremendous help to myself and my family with his extensive knowledge of the law and his professionalism that comes with it. Very easy to work with and always willing to take the extra steps needed to make things as smooth as possible for his client/s."
-Geannine Simmer

"I will certainly recommend Kenneth Stuckey as an attorney who is patient, takes the time to understand what is needed, compassionate, and is able to explain in language that is understandable for clients without making it so simple that you feel like a child who can't understand big words."
-Leslie Behm

"I recently found myself in a situation involving an estate with no one to turn to for answers. Then I contacted Kenneth R. Stuckey. He was very caring, sincere , and most importantly, informative. Thank you Mr. Stuckey."